Can’t You Hear The Pipes Of Pan?


Can’t you hear the

pipes of Pan?

The god whose form is beast and man.

The one adorned

with hooves and horns

and a bearded face

when he was born.

– © Sin Madison

Art by – Taner Ceylan (
The PAN page



The Witches Dance


Old wild wood deep therein
Amid ancient gnarled trees
Where it glows & is agleam
Neath full, fair-faced Selene

Near caves hallowed over time
‘Twas fraught with orgies in his name
Betwixt foggy, craggy mountains
Wherein echoes are contained

The heart of the forest, herein
By the moon-soaked river bed
When starry Nyx embraces us
The time is near , & we’ll begin

You’ll hear us witches chanting
You will see us witches dancing
Whereas we’ve come to honor him
Our lord, the Great-God Pan!

© – Sin Madison, 2015

Art by – Taner Ceylan (
The PAN page