Pan – Book of Acts


Interesting comic book story and beautiful illustration. The writer gets it; Pan isn’t all about music, dancing, and folly (WHICH IS a big part of who he is and what he represents), but he is also PRIMAL, WILD —- he IS Nature.

The story is by Justin Jordan and here is an excerpt from his interview.

HMS: What does Pan mean to you as a figure? Why do you think he continues to be a powerful idea after thousands of years?

JJ: Humans have a tendency to give things attributes that sound like they’re all-encompassing. Currently, we tend to think of nature as good and beautiful. God knows, every food manufacturer and marketer has ‘all natural’ as a bonus.

And nature is beautiful. It is also ugly. A baby deer ripped apart by coyotes is ugly. A rotting tree is ugly. And none of it is good. Or bad. Nature just is. We like to anthropomorphize things in ways that are sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle. Nature is random processes happening, and they are neither evil nor good. They just are.

So this version of Pan is meant to represent that. He is nature literally anthropomorphized and while he’s malicious, it’s only when viewed through human eyes. If we told another story, Pan might save a whole town from starvation.

More interview here:

More information here:
(The NEW Pan page)


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