Pan and Modern Depictions


I really dislike many modern artistic depictions of Pan, with some exception. I generally prefer the much older ones. However, I like this one a lot —- as it showcases a divinity, a god like quality, not way too different from how I have encountered Pan.Pan is not a Disney character or some young faun with his cock out in the woodlands, he may have his cock out, but some of those other depictions are not accurate —— at least according to his ancient “mythos”.

Pan is a ravenous, insatiable phallic god, whose worshipers would celebrate him with offerings and massive drunken orgies in caves and forests. He’s a god specifically of primal/carnal male sexuality. He loves sex, the joys of the body, and wine. He’s a bringer of panic (hence the name). He is a war god. He helped win the war against the Titans, as well as the war against the Persians, for the Athens.

He’s a prophet, a very wise one at that, and he can be petitioned as such. (He taught the gift of seeing to Apollo before he took over Delphi).

He is also a musician …. creator of the panpipes which can charm every single animal, and even the trees. He has a booming voice, horns that pierce the sky, the prancing legs of a goat, hooves that cause the earths to quake, and a presence that will cause all who seek him to shiver in fear or ecstasy, whichever he chooses before him.

He can be very merry and very fatherly, a protector. He can shape-shift and take other forms, as many gods can. He loves celebrations and noise —- as noise is life.

To me, he IS the ULTIMATE divine masculine. – Sin Madison

(Art – is by Sam Weber)

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