Caesarea Philippi (GROTTO OF PAN)

Banias is an archaeological site by the uninhabited former city of Caesarea Philippi, located at the foot of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights.The site is 150km north of Jerusalem and 60km southwest of Damascus. The city was located within the region known as the “Panion” (the region of the Greek god Pan), and is named after the deity associated with the grotto and shrines close to the spring called “Paneas”. Pan’s Grotto in Caesarea Philippi (Panias) was a temple to Pan, an ancient cave where worshipers would bring sacrifices to the goat god. Ecstactic parties, orgies, and other worship to Pan, took place outside the cave. When a sacrifice was thrown into the sacred waters, if it disappeared, Pan accepted the sacrifice, if it did not, he rejected it.


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