Some Things About Pan That You May Not Know

PAN - By Nicole Castillo

PAN – By Nicole Castillo

Many view Pan as just a Nature Demigod, and while some aspects to this are accurate, it’s not completely who he is. Pan is VERY ancient, he is older then the Olympians. If you look deep into his mythos. It was he who gave Artemis her hunting dogs, taught Apollo the gift of prophecy, Avenged Rhea, Located Demeter (after her daughter Persephone was captured by Hades, and Demeter in her grief, left the crops to wither and rot) and aided Zeus in the war against the Titans (by causing mad panic, with his blood-curdling war cry).

He has manifested into different deities for ages – they even have names (the one referred to in Greek Myths, is actually Nomios, also meaning from Arcadia):

  • PAN (Actual Pan, the original deity)
  • NOMIOS (The Pan that appears in Greek Myths)
  • PANEIDES (The twelve sons of Pan, also known as “Panes” their names are: Kelaineus, Argennon, Aigikoros, Eugeneios, Omester, Daphoineus, Phobos, Philamnos, Xanthos, Glaukos, Argos, and Phorbas)
  • And PHAUNOS.


There is also a rumor, written by a Greek historian named Plutarch, called “The Great God Pan is Dead”. Plutarch wrote that a sailor named Thamus heard a divine voice across the sea, say to him that Pan is dead, and that once he reached the shore (in Palodes), he was to announce to everyone that the Great Pan was dead, and he did.

FIRST OF ALL, this very well could have been, and probably was, allegorical and not literal. It meant that Pan was dead in a sense, because the beginning of Christianity was in sight, and what better way to convert Pagans to Christianity, then to spread a rumor of Pan’s death. It is also said that Thamus misunderstood what was told to him, by this “divine” voice across the sea (speculated as the Christian “God”), however the Christians at the time, took it and ran with it, claiming an end to Paganism.

ANYONE who has connected with Pan, knows that he in fact, IS NOT DEAD, and is very much alive. Furthermore, if this rumor even had an ounce of truth, Pan can’t die; He is a god, and he is many gods (as mentioned above).

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One thought on “Some Things About Pan That You May Not Know

  1. I love the info you’ve put here. Also I would add that It was believed that Pan originated in Arcadia long before the moon was in the sky. Also that he was an androgynous deity in ancient Arcadia, being both the god of the Sun and the Moon, Earth and Sky. In some parts of Arcadia, Pan was seen as a triple deity of sorts that was made of; Nomios (the nomad/hunter); Agrius (the Shepard); and Phorbus (the Terrorfier).

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