“Naked feet will pound the earth
in the dance to him
Naked hooves will lead the way
and draw you closer in.
Breath of Pan, pulse of Pan, guide us in the dance
Lift your eyes to starry night and let the rite begin.”

– Inkubus Sukkubus, “Rites of Pan”.

Pan is the Greek God of Nature, first and foremost, however Pan’s role as a deity goes far beyond that. He is also a god of bees and beekeepers, a god of music, and sometimes, a minor god of the sea. He is also directly connected to masturbation (taught to him by Hermes), fertility, and the season of spring.

Pan is a gifted prophet. This was demonstrated when Apollo took over the shrine of the Delphic Oracle, and it was Pan who taught him the gift of prophecy.

Often referred to by the other gods as being the youngest of them, Pan is probably the eldest. His homeland is in rustic Arcadia, where he was worshiped as early as 6th Century BC. Arcadia is located south of modern Greece, and is an area of fertile fields and mountains, which once was home to goat farming people. Here – Pan was born, among these hard working shepherds, and he was quickly embraced as their god. The worship of Pan then quickly spread from Arcadia to Greece, before migrating into many of the surrounding countries.


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