The Triumph Of Pan

The Triumph Of Pan - by Nicolas Poussin, 1636.

The Triumph Of Pan – by Nicolas Poussin, 1636.


Pan, A Phallic God

Pan, A Phallic God

Pan, A Phallic God

The phallic image of Pan is a celebration of the primal sexuality of Man in honor of his Animal self. Many ancient people had no shame around sex and considered it a vital sign of health and even of divine blessing. The recognition of humans as another kind of animal was a natural equation that placed man as a part of Nature rather than as something separate and alone.

Pan – is a phallic god. In ancient stories, Pan and satyrs alike are depicted with an erect phallus. This is actually a very accurate depiction. Pan is not a Disney character – and far from it. The water-downed version of Pan is what many have become used it, and it’s not accurate at all.

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